What is stratigraphy dating

Over the last several years, this collaborative project has yielded 3 new radiometric dates for units from within the monument, and more samples will be analyzed this year.

Continuation of the work Ted Fremd started several decades ago will provide a better temporal framework for the region's history, providing a substantial benefit to scientists and the public.

It was particularly slow to catch on in the Americas since most archaeologists between 18 believed that the Americas had only been settled a few thousand years ago.Over the last 20 years, knowledge of the stratigraphy and ages of rock units in the John Day Basin has improved dramatically.Multiple researchers have worked in all three units of the monument and surrounding areas to produce a detailed stratigraphic framework for this region. (2008) refined the stratigraphy of the Mascall Formation, while work continues on revision of the stratigraphy of the Rattlesnake Formation begun by Martin and Fremd (2001).See the papers by Lyman and colleagues (1998, 1999) linked below for more information about this sea change in archaeological theory.Since then, the stratigraphic technique has been refined: In particular, much of archaeological stratigraphic analysis is centered on recognizing natural and cultural disturbances that interrupt the natural stratigraphy.

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