Things to say to sexchat

The impact of course will be more profound if done in person as on a date or lying in bed with the girl.Contrary to popular belief and falsified bullshit put out there by women, talking dirty with your date is actually possible and a great sign of things to come! They won’t see a thing but hear you moaning silently”…In fact, I can never run for public office—there are far too many people in possession of my nudes.Ruined political future aside, I do think I’ve got this sexting thing figured out.Unless you’re planning on lecturing me about how to avoid contracting HPV, leave “vagina” in the doctor’s office. If you want to keep your lady lubricated—and for that matter, not pissed off—never speak of this word again. The Good: “Fuck,” “suck,” “lick,” “cum,” “wet” The gold standard of sexting. The Bad: “Bang,” “Dripping,” “jizz” We’ve moved into sophomoric territory.But obviously, women aren’t the only ones involved in sexting. The Good: “Dick” or “cock” Honestly, either one works. If someone were to sext me “I can’t wait to bang you until I jizz” as opposed to “I can’t wait to fuck you until you cum hard”—well, frankly, I’d cringe.And much like anything else in this world, there’s sexting that is good, sexting that is bad, and sexting that is downright U-G-L-Y.Let’s start where the sex columnists left off, with sexting terms for ladies.

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As a consolation prize, I’m going to award First Runner-Up to “pussy.” Sexy as “inside you” is, it doesn’t have versatility “pussy” does (“I want to taste your inside you” sounds ludicrous, for example).

This has to be done more subtly however since you’re in the presence of others [at a restaurant, etc.]. Flirting quite naturally has the potential to lead to dirty talking since flirting is the proverbial spring-board to getting you there. Ok guys, that was an actual excerpt from a sex chat I had with my GF via Blackberry messenger [BBM].

Although adamantly against taking girls on dinner dates, presuming you’re still trapped in the matrix of romcom-dating advice and you’d taken the girl to a fancy restaurant, you can kick start the dirty talking in the following fashion: [I would feed her a piece of my lobster] Me: “How do I taste 😉 “? Me: “Can you handle more of me…I mean the lobster”? Notice how I’d started small at first just to test the waters then I became more sexual as she was playing along.

I’ve witnessed guys try to strike up sex talk at a crowded bar counter to no avail.

Not that this is inherently a bad idea, but you have to be socially aware enough as to when you can go verbally sexual and when you shouldn’t.

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