The dating game walkthrough

-He also seems to value education over any amount of popularity.

-When it comes to clothing, he prefers usefulness over appearance. If he's used to getting girls easily, then what makes you any different?

-It's nearly (not entirely, but nearly) impossible to get a good end without stat-boosting items, so look for what might be useful to you.

Travis Hints: -Well, he IS the president of the computer games club, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which stat he values the most, right?

Like finding love in the real world, it ain't easy.

I shotgunned through a dozen dates, and all I found were jerks.

Once he likes you enough, you'll get a special scene with him during lunch. -During lunch, spend as much time in the computer lab as you can.

-After school, go to the work program and agree to help.

-A guy's profile will only unlock after you get his bonus end. -Items that increase your intelligence include: notebook, diary, encyclopedia, classic literature, cookbook, Movie Maniac, and Walk This Way. Items: -You get each time you work, and on the weekends, so be sure to budget wisely. -If you're tired of just short conversations, it might be a good idea to bring something that the guy finds interesting. -The more time you hang out at a guy's favorite place, the more likely you are to run into him. While each guy values one stat above the others, he still does care about the others.

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