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The national transport agency for Scotland, delivering the Scottish Government’s vision for transport. Road Safety West of Scotland provides a guide to road safety across the West of Scotland.Where there’s an important difference for other UK students, we’ve mentioned it. If you don’t meet all of these requirements as listed on the SAAS site, you are considered an “Independent student” and the information below might not quite apply. Read our guides to student finance in If you’re staying in Scotland to go to uni, then good news: your tuition fees will be paid for you by the SAAS – you don’t have to pay a thing back!This means you have to be living in Scotland when you apply to university; if you were born in Scotland but moved elsewhere and then applied, you are not considered a Scottish resident and thus won’t qualify.Scottish students studying in Scotland So you don’t have to worry about tuition fees - fantastic!But you still need to think about money for accommodation, books, travel and nights out.You can apply for a maintenance loan which is means-tested based on your household and circumstances.The maximum you can receive is £5,750 and the minimum loan is £4,750. If you’re under 25 years old, you can also apply for a 'Young Students’ Bursary'. You can receive up to £1,875 if your annual household income is under £18,999 and slowly reduces as that income reaches £34,000 a year.

We will be looking for students with high academic potential, but understand that different students will be presenting with different prior qualifications. & Galloway Road Safety Partnership brings together partner organisations from across the region with the aim of reducing the number of people killed or injured in Dumfries & Galloway. This Residential is free to attend and students will stay for 4 nights at either Selwyn College or Homerton College, where accommodation and all meals will be provided for the duration of their stay.We will therefore be assessing applications on an individual basis.Note, here we are mainly focusing on full-time undergraduate "young students" beginning a course in 2017 and who live in Scotland.

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