More dating old photographs family chronicle age dating dinosaur bones

I have decided to start with this full length portrait of an unknown man because it has details of the photographer on the reverse: .

Here is what I know so far, set out under headings suggested by Maureen's webinar: Provenance of Photograph From an album belonging to Dr John Lowe (1849-1925), and his wife, Annie Willie Cowpar.

I thought this book would be of help in dating my own photos, but it needs more explanation to do that.

I gather I'm supposed to infer how to date my own photos from looking at examples, but I'm not too good at inferring.

Costume A number of features suggest the first half of the 1860s: Genealogical Research Most of the photographs in the album were taken in Scotland.

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The father provides few clues but the mother and children have several distinctive pointers. Intially, I was a little disappointed by the small volume of photos in the book and its explanations. For someone just beginning the process of dating old photos, this book is very handy.Anyone purchasing this book will soon want to "graduate" to Taylor's Uncovering Your Ancestors through Family Photographs, for example.the drapes and woodwork of the stairs May contain clues.The dress worn by the young lady standing in the middle and the outfits of the younger children could also be compared.

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