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I can think of it conceptually, but also in a practical way it can mirror how I think when I am drawing.I can think of it in terms of line and texture and dark and light and dynamics, in the same way I do with painting, but without that burden. How different is it than painting the smaller ones? You use your arms and shoulders when you work, rather than your wrist.Sometimes knowing too much of a particular thing academically can be inhibiting creatively I think Can we talk a bit about your paintings look like landscapes or still lives because some of them become half abstract. This big one is going to a show at Cheim and Read in New York about women looking at men and the female gaze. I did an homage to that recently because I bought a strap-on. I sometimes prefer it actually – it’s more physical. I started with an agenda, politically, but the social dynamics are more complex than I initially imagined.It’s also featuring Louise Bourgeois, Diane Arbus, Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Dana Schutz and Linda Benglis, who I love. I think I am open and non-judgmental and there is a respectfulness that I hope I bring to it even if I might be challenging some dynamics within it. Just with sex on the internet being so male dominated – 99% centred around male pleasure and male ejaculation.Now that the Chatroulette craze is over, we wanted to take your gay webcam chat experience to a new level by adding group video chat features that will allow you to watch multiple gay webcams at the same time, text chat with all the guys in the room at the same time, send private instant messages, invite guys for cam2cam gay video chat, jump to multiple free gay chatrooms, and much much more. Before online video chat was easily available like it is now, most free gay chatrooms were all text based with very few premium features.You never knew who you were really talking to because you could not see them on webcam.But I like the idea that the work then might get to a demographic I wouldn’t normally reach. He was great performer, spreading his cheeks, saying, “Yeah, what do you want? They get an institution to host it, so this year the ICA is hosting it, and it will be in all different buildings and spaces around that area – apartments, shops, a church etc. There’s an incredible line up – Laure Prouvost, Jennifer West, Joan Jonas, Nina Beier, loads more.

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, was performed earlier this week at The Serpentine.Now we have expanded to include many fun and often sexually pleasing activities. Manroulette was launched at about the same time as Chatroulette, except our focus has been primarily on gay chat.It’s not that I am particularly interested in watching porn, but I am compelled by the act of looking, who is in control, what it means and how that works on the internet and whether I can flip it in any way. You’ve managed to change the visual landscape and alter the balance.And it is also practical – there are millions of images that I can flip through until I find one I want to paint. I don’t know about that – the conversation in art is often between such a small group of people from privilege. I did this little interview in GQ recently and it’s quite an old-fashioned magazine – they have categories on their homepage, which go something like ‘cars, watches, girls, sport, culture.’ It’s funny. It was a very memorable experience because he is such a strong character. It’s the first time it’s happening in the UK, but it’s happened previously in Paris and other places.

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