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When I asked why, Dave’s profile instantly disappeared.

For she, like countless other middle-aged divorcees, has found the world of internet dating — of which Tinder leads the field — to be a tawdry, loveless, moral abyss.

I’d also resolved to drive twice round town on the way home in case he followed me.

He turned out to be a perfectly nice chap who’d had a similar experience to me on Tinder. Marital therapist Andrew Marshall, author of It’s Not A Midlife Crisis, It’s An Opportunity, says he has been seeing more and more women like Claire, bored with their marriages and tempted by one ‘last hurrah’ in the seemingly exciting world of internet dating.

But with my 50s approaching, I’m at an age when I’d like someone to cuddle up to at the end of the day.

I made a profile by downloading the app to my phone and linking it to my Facebook account, then I chose some flattering pictures of myself.

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