Intimidating behaviour by neighbours dating etiquitte

If you own a house, and seek to sell, you are legally obliged to inform any prospective buyers of a problem next door; good luck with getting out.

And the price of escaping, of course, would be to beckon someone else in.

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There is no limit to the strange things that people do, particularly when you are packed tightly enough together to be privy to them.Britain seems to be a country that is bursting with out-of-control neighbours, and the social toll is mounting.Nearly everyone you speak to has or has had one in the past; there’s even an online help group – “Neighbours From Hell” – in which sufferers can share stories and advice in a bid to keep from going insane.If thoughtlessness is recurrent, after a request to stop, its effects are the same as deliberate baiting.But, increasingly, there are reports of active nastiness; neighbours who, once challenged, turn with self-righteous, bullying rage upon the person who has dared to confront them.

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