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“Which of these is your husband’s favorite: music, wine or women? “What color would your husband say looks best on you?

“If your husband had the chance to be single again (temporarily), how long would he stay: one year, one month, one day or one minute?

“Which Christmas gift did your wife love the most this year? “What was the first big important thing your wife told you about herself? “Which of your wife’s friends likes to gossip the most? “How would your wife describe you when you wake up in the morning: aggressive, chipper or grouchy? “How would you say your wife would describe your first kiss? “How would your wife describe your honeymoon in two words?

“What was the name of the last book your wife read? “How many people would your wife say attended your wedding? “What was the name of the grammar school your wife attended?

“Where would your wife say was the best vacation you shared?

“Which one of your habits would your wife like you to break?

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The overall goal is to find out just how well these two almost-spouses know each other!

“Where do you think your wife would put a handful of itching powder?

“According to your wife, what is the funniest photo she’s ever seen of you? “What was your wife’s biggest pet peeve about the guys she dated before you? “Where would your wife say you had your first date?

“Which of these breakfast cereals best describes your wife’s family’s reaction when they first met you: Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Just Right, Frosted Flakes, or Oatmeal Squares? “When was the last time you bought your wife flowers? “What was the strangest place you and your wife shared a kiss? “What was the silliest thing your wife has ever done?

“Which game or sport would your wife say she is better than you at? “If your wife had in her hand right now, what would she spend it on?

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