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Kelly Weyer with the following lab protocol taken from her thesis (Weyer, 2005): The sand signal refers to the variation in wt. The sampling interval used was determined using the radiocarbon date at the base of the gyttja unit.

The targeted interval was 33 years, since that was the highest-frequency beach ridge cycle in the LMRLLC (Lake Michigan relative lake-level curve).

Abstract To reconstruct low lake levels of Lake Michigan, 16 vibracores of lake sediment along the west coast of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan have been collected.

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Magnetic susceptibility was determined for three of the four cores in this study using a Barrington MS2E sensor connected to the Barrington MS2 meter, to evaluate whether the results would mimic the sand signal.Knowledge of lake levels will better equip industrial, civil and private activities along the Lake Michigan coastline.Introduction This research is intended to provide information on past low lake levels of Lake Michigan, to better understand why there have been lower lake levels in the past, and to better predict and thus prepare for future low lake levels.The method was used since dune sand on the Michigan coast to the south, near Holland, MI, was determined to contain magnetic minerals (Hansen et al., 2003).Also, the sand from the cores and the modern Silver Lake dunes were tested with a magnet and were determined to contain magnetic minerals.

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