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Most women, especially women over 40, prefer committed relationships, yet we live in a time where more adults are single (47%) and fewer are getting married (51%) than ever in history.

When she surveyed college students way back in 2004, most said they had never gone on a date before.

Well, this is fun: In an analysis of the same national survey data that Rosenfelt used, Paul — a Ph. candidate at Michigan State — basically comes to the opposite conclusion about online dating and relationship quality. People who meet online are more likely to date than to marry.

Per his research, married couples who met online were happier (5.64 points on a satisfaction survey, versus 5.48) and less likely to get divorced (6 percent, versus 7.6).

As Brad Plumer observed at the time, of course, this doesn’t definitively prove a casual relationship; it’s still very possible that the two things just tend to go hand-in-hand, and don’t contribute to each other.

In a widely quoted study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences., Cacioppo surveyed a nationally representative sample of more than 19,000 married people …

“Online dating offers access to potential partners whom people would be unlikely to meet through other avenues,” the paper concludes, “and this access yields new romantic possibilities.” Bellou’s research is far less conclusive than some of the other work on this list; in a discussion paper published by the Institute for the Study of Labor, she basically charts Internet adoption rates over time against marriage rates to see if there are any patterns.

There are, it turns out: Bellou concludes that “Internet expansion is associated with increased marriage rates” among 20-somethings, and hypothesizes that the relationship is causal — in other words, that greater access to online dating, online social networks and other means of communicating with strangers directly causes people to pair up.

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