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Can the church accept them the same as any other married couple?As I look at the interesting truths that I found in Scripture on divorce and remarriage, I have to ask myself, “Why didn’t we see this before?One day each of us will be judged by Jesus Christ by God’s Law; not the lower court’s (the local church’s) opinion of God’s Law.If the Church has said that a particular divorce and remarriage situation is not sin and God says it is sin, it is too late on Judgment Day for the one who was in that situation to find out God’s truth, repent and be saved from hell.Everyone has an opinion about it, and everyone is entitled to hold an opinion about divorce and remarriage.

I also found that often they were relying on the writings of others rather than a careful study of the Bible.The research for this report began a number of years ago in an attempt to find out what God’s Word has to say about divorce and remarriage. What place do divorced and remarried couples have in the Church? In what cases are divorce and remarriage permitted?Those who believe that a particular erroneous line of reasoning is truth also see God’s truth as error.God’s truth on divorce and remarriage then does not make sense because it does not line up with what they have been told and with what they believe to be true.

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