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This live album is often seen as one of the best live-albums of the progressive rock genre, because it shows the unmatched precision and professionalism of the band on stage.

On the second side the music has a strong jazz-rock/fusion feel, whilst keeping faithful to the avant-prog sound of the debut album. K.' Christian VANDER's wife, Stella VANDER, would make her entry and would from then on be an important member of the band.

The album features a stripped down version of MAGMA, consisting of piano, drums, bass and vocals.

Whereas the album was released as a Christian VANDER solo-album, it is nowadays perceived as a full-blown MAGMA album under the name of 'Ẁurdah tah' (Dead Earth), being the second movement of the 'Theusz Hamtaahk'-trilogy.

The Kobaans decide, after some discussion, to send a small party to accompany the earthlings back home.

The second MAGMA album, '1001 Centigrades', was released in 1971 and showed the band becoming more professional and tight.

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