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The sample run scripts discussed in Section 2.2, “Sample Run Scripts” show how to set the batch queue resources on several HPC platforms.Much of the example code in this document is set off in sections like this.The setting was: ntasks= % $camcfg/configure -fc mpif90 -fc_type pgi -cc mpicc -dyn fv -hgrid 10x15 -ntasks 6 -nosmp -test Issuing command to the CICE configure utility: $CAM_ROOT/models/ice/cice/bld/configure -hgrid 10x15 -cice_mode prescribed \ -ntr_aero 0 -ntasks 6 -nthreads 1 -cache config_cache_\ -cachedir /work/user/cam_test/bld CICE configure done. creating /work/user/cam_test/bld/Filepath creating /work/user/cam_test/bld/Makefile creating /work/user/cam_test/bld/config.h creating /work/user/cam_test/bld/config_Looking for a valid GNU make... The optimal number of processes to use depends on the compute resource available.using gmake Testing for Fortran 90 compatible compiler... There is a lot of available parallelism in the build procedure, so using 16 or even 32 processes may speed things up considerably.It does so by a regular expression match against the unique part of specific compiler names (e.g., any compiler name matching 'pgf' will be given the default type of pgi).

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We do however provide some examples of simple run scripts which should provide a useful starting point for writing your own scripts (see Section 2.2, “Sample Run Scripts”).

In order to build and run utility to set the compile-time parameters such as the dynamical core (Eulerian Spectral, Semi-Lagrangian Spectral, Finite Volume, or Spectral Element), horizontal grid resolution, and the type of parallelism to employ (shared-memory and/or distributed memory). There is also a high level "use case" functionality which makes it easy for the user to specify a consistent set of namelist variable settings for running particular types of experiments. On most HPC platforms access to the compute resource is through a batch queue system.

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In Season 2 Zac and Cam become good friends again and work together to find out more about Mako Island.

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