British prank dating show

, Cillian Murphy plays a gangster who fights people with a pageboy hat lined with razor blades.

While this makes him sound like a weaponized hipster, it's also based on the urban legends surrounding the actual Peaky Blinders street gang—though they're likely more fantasy than fact. It's a fun bit of comic-bookery in an otherwise gritty historical look at the conflicts between gangsters, Communists, and the IRA in early 20th century Birmingham.

The BBC has stated that in order for a series in the United Kingdom to be classed as a 'series', it must conform to the following requirements: it must have at least 14 episodes per year; it must have been produced in the United Kingdom; and it must be aired on British television.

The only British contestant is expected to be Hermione Way, 25, from Covent Garden.Somehow they have got his name and are going to deliver the dodgy items to his home today in five minutes.This wind up plays the victim their own name and the current date and time.And to reiterate, Cillian Murphy fights people with a pageboy hat full of razor blades, which is just ian clashes with computer illiterate management is already pretty solid.A new reality show sees contestants controlled live on the internet by web users.

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