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Very long, very romantic and the war scenes are worthy of Cecil B. Jai and Veru are two criminal brothers who save a cop during a robbery and get arrested in the process. This 1964 war movie is a heroic portrayal of India's 1962 war with China over the disputed Ladakh border. Since it's the timeless story of girl meets boy, when it was filmed is really of no consequence. He's a wise guy newspaper reporter in a fedora, and she is a ladies' maid.

The police inspector asks their help in ridding his village of a bandit gang that is sucking them dry. Rather graphic, director Chetan Anand set out to glorify the soldiers who fought in this remote outpost. When he goes looking for a story, he meets her again and decides to help her out.

Real action with lots of gunfire and non stop action. Look for the Jewish/Hindi actor Levy Aaron in this stark war film. Neelima decides to give him a hand and they unravel the true story by delving into the Bombay demimonde.

The effect is a slowly evolving murder mystery/love story/ courtroom drama directed by Ravinda Dave.

Akash is a wise guy who spends all his time joking around and doesn't take too much seriously.

Sameer is forever falling in love while his parents try to set him up in an arranged marriage.

Dil Chanta Hai is a pretty good story with some major dance routines.

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So he sets off for Bangkok's Chinatown and keeps eating dumplings till he finds the ones hes eaten for the last 14 years. I figured there is no way a Bollywood film will copy the brutality of Oldboy, but Zinda comes surprisingly close. KK Khasla has one dream, to buy a plot of land and build his dream house to accommodate his whole family.

From there it is simple work to track down his jailers. He's picked out the property, and when retirement approaches, he takes his life savings and plunks it down in cash 35 lahks with a rather sleazy real estate developer.

When he takes the family out to survey the property, they find it has been fenced in and inhabited by Khurana ,a mafioso who demands 12 lahk before he will vacate the land.

The music was by the great Kalyanjee Veerji and includes his hit " Ara ra ra ra ra ra main to giree re giree re giree re". Three friends, Sameer, Sid and Akash are inseparable college students who share their hopes for the future.

Sid is an artist who falls in love with an older divorcee alcoholic.

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