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Obviously, you can use this chat window for text chat but above the text area are some additional buttons like a camera, group button, phone, and SMS button.What you see here depends on what the contact has set up on their own account, whether you have their phone number saved, etc.I noticed the same thing when my caller tried to check his notifications while in a video call.This was jarring at first, but I think it’s generally helpful.Google’s messaging app Hangouts already supports video calling, but Google’s goal with Duo was to make the experience simpler and easier, especially on smartphones. The Basics Launching Duo automatically activates the front-facing camera, so your face will likely be the first thing you see upon opening the app.Below this, Duo keeps a list of your recent calls alongside the video calling button, which allows you to start a new conversation.

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It’s a fun little feature if you’re calling friends or loved ones.The last thing I’d want is to see my caller poking and prodding at their screen or reading something else while we’re in the middle of a conversation.Conclusion While Duo’s simplicity is what makes it appealing, it would benefit from a few additions.On the bottom right side of Gmail is a separate section from your emails.One icon represents your contacts, another is Google Hangouts (it's a round icon with quotation marks inside), and the last is a phone icon.

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