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The nuclear reactor, which actually generates the power, is the heart of the plant.

The reactor itself is surrounded by a huge containment system, which is designed to trap the radioactive fuel in the event of a leak or other malfunction.

Much of the world today is dependent on nuclear power, despite the inherent danger that radioactive fuel presents.

Because of the amount of fuel present in some jets, the explosion following the crash would almost inevitably lead to a meltdown, exposing millions of people to dangerous radiation.

Even though the US government has found diagrams of US nuclear power plants in Afghanistan, which would suggest the possibility of a planned attack, these nuclear reactors have not been strengthened to withstand a great impact or survive such an explosion.

Nice big room, comfortable bed and pillows, large tv and microwave in room. Room had very good lighting until you turned off the ceiling lights. There is a fantastic great room and the one staff person we saw was friendly.

We saw the same person when we checked in at 8pm and again the next morning at 7ish.

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