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There’s an existential issue.” Not that a visitor from another planet could tell.

The typical Coca Cola commercial would have viewers believe that the product is the very elixir of life, and that quenching one’s thirst with a cold Coke is one of the few things we humans can do that is as enjoyable as sex.

I’ve had my Lumia 925 windows 8 smartphone for a few weeks, best smartphone decision I ever made, used both apple and android previously for years, the integration into the cloud, web, Office, Lens, Notebook, voice recognition and other apps and features is seamless, the tiles are cool, the flexibility and intuitiveness on the mark, slick and smooth as butta’… its actually a mini Surface with a phone, rather than a phone with other stuff.

My laptop is an X200, soon trading up to a Surface Pro, being across the board Windows integrated is much the same benefit as an Apple lover being tightly connected up.

Coming Soon in a Big Way: Taylor Swift Whether or not you believe this, even subliminally, Coke certainly seems to. Not capable to even magnify it’s own fonts properly. I now understand why every consecutive windows iteration is progressively worse than the previous version.

Although a growing number of analysts think the company should spend less on advertising and more on diversifying its product line, the Atlanta-based company reportedly is about to “double down” on its namesake drink. Something my android (even though it’s bigger) is doing on the fly. Can’t save pics from MMS messages to the photo album other than one by one! Today we have computers, on which we can do anything. This is why, each windows iteration teaches us to do without a whole lot of features, until we finally forget what we had. There is no more “search”, there is only a useless index based filtering. You used to be able to buy a PC which had bunch of bays. Get the young users on both the mobile and tablet style to look and feel the same.

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consumption of soda pop falling, it would appear that Coca Cola’s unwholesome ingredients are finally catching up with it.

What cemented my doubts was a provocative cover story in asserted that drinking Coke regularly would not only cause acne, but a host of other problems, including “tooth decay, headaches…

nephritis, nausea, delirium, heart disease, emotional disturbances, constipation, insomnia, indigestion, diarrhea and mutated offspring.” If that wasn’t warning enough, Fidel Castro weighed in around the same time with a jeremiad against sugar.

Complain all you want, the system is a superb laptop and tablet, as such, it does far more than a tablet, of course it requires some learning curve and well worth it. Caffeine evolved as a natural insecticide: https:// Maybe cocaine did also.

Microsoft’s latest setup will continue to gain marketshare as far as this customer is concerned. (Sure would appreciate edit function on these posts.

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